Summary  of  JAEA-SDB System

1. Introduction
From the view point of performance assessment for disposal of radioactive waste, it is important to assess the migration behavior of radioactive elements in buffer material (the engineered barrier) and rocks (the natural barrier).
In performance assessment calculations, the distribution coefficient of radionuclides (Kd) for buffer material and rocks is a very important parameter.
The JAEA-Sorption Database System (JAEA-SDB) is compilations of sorption Kd data from published literatures.

2. Elements and solids included in database
At present, JAEA-SDB includes Kd data for 58 elements; 22 elements selected as key radionuclides in the performance assessment for HLW disposal, and additional 36 elements related to TRU waste disposal, etc.
Solids included in the database are the major types of rocks, clays and others (minerals / oxides etc.)
Also, Kd values for soil and/or cement material are included if any reasonable data existed.
22 key elements for HLWNi, Se, Zr, Nb, Tc, Pd, Sn, Sb, Cs, Sm, Pb, Bi, Po, Ra, Ac, Th, Pa, U, Np, Pu, Am, Cm
Additional elementsAg, Ce, Co, Eu, Fe, Sr etc.

3. Date extraction
At present, JAEA-SDB includes Kd data and related information extracted from articles, reports, etc. which were published untilthrough the year 2009. The present JAEA-SDB includes more than 46,000 Kd data from about 670 source documents.
Kd data from the OECD / NEA sorption database (Ticknor and Ruegger, 1989). were also included in JAEA-SDB.
For details of revision history and related documentations for JAEA-SDB development, please refer to the revision history notes of the JAEA-SDB.

4. Database contents
Data-table of JAEA-SDB includes more than 19 types of data and information which are important in describing experimental conditions.
These 19 parameters are ;
 • elements• redox• solid face
 • L/S (liquid to solid ratio)• water type• initial and final pH
 • initial and final Eh• atm/redox condition• initial tracer concentration
 • temperature• contact time• separation method
 • Kd• error• type of information
 • replication• reference• additional information
 • QA information=> Criteria-I: Completeness of documentation
=> Criteria-II: Quality of data
=> Criteria-III: Consistency of data

5. Database systems
In the JAEA-SDB system, there exists two types of systems ;
 • JAEA-SDB Web versionenables you to use directly access the database through the web browser over the internet.
 • JAEA-SDB Access 2002 versionenables you to download and use the database with the Microsoft Access 2002 in Windows computers.

6. References
Please refer to the following references for details of database contents and its application. The users are requested to cite these references if any users publish research works conducted by using JAEA-SDB.
   (for details of QA evaluation)
   (for details of data sources)

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